Optimise Your Ecommerce Website to Get More Sales


How many times have you gone to an ecommerce website and then drifted off without buying the product? Chances are that the number is big. Visiting an online store is easy. It isn’t a time consuming affair. A smart phone and an internet connection is all it takes to take you to the store. You are also spared the traffic jams of our cities. But then making the purchase decision there is not that easy. You can’t touch and feel

Beef Up Your Ecommerce Website Sales with 6 Post-Order Emails

Post-Order Emails

As an online retailer, your job isn’t just to ensure a new customer purchases products and makes his way to the shopping cart. No. Once he has purchased a certain product, you need to start a series of emails to warm him up for the next purchase. You need to think beyond the cart completion process. Why? Because, 7x more expensive to get a new customer than to retain an existing one By incorporating these six post-order emails into your

Multiply your Conversion Rate with the Power of Personalization

Personization ecom

You have a terrific ecommerce website – beckoning users and promising to provide them with a thrilling ride. Potential customers are flocking to your website in great numbers. Excited, searching for that perfect product they can purchase. You wait expectantly for your visitors to convert into customers at a decent rate. But. The conversions are low. They’re not at par with what you expected. You look at the numbers and shake your head in frustration. Why haven’t you been able

Ditch Google – 5 Bullet-proof Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Website Traffic

Website Traffic

You have an amazing ecommerce store. You have products that could sell like hot cakes if only more people found them. Google’s sending some traffic your way. But, it’s not enough. In order to succeed in the ecommerce world you need massive amount of traffic. Huge number of hits every single day. And you can’t depend solely on Google for that. You need to do more. Market your ecommerce store on various other platforms and channels. Explore more digital marketing

10 Steps to Increase Sales and Meet the Demand During the Holiday Season


The biggest sales period of the year for e-commerce firms – the holiday shopping season – is just around the corner.  Retail e-commerce sales are expected to jump 13.9 per cent this year, to touch 79.4 billion USD, during the season, which extends from Black Friday to Christmas.  Vendors get 50-100 per cent more sales per day during the season, than during the rest of the year. Hence it is very important that you prepare well in advance to optimize

7 Things to do before starting an e-commerce website


E-commerce  is the in thing today. Firms, even B2B ones, have no choice but to join the bandwagon or be left behind.  But that doesn’t mean that success is guaranteed for every e-commerce venture. Unless you do your homework thoroughly and plan well, chances are that your e-commerce solution will create more problems than it solves. It is easy to be carried away by the euphoria, and the success stories of e-commerce firms.  But the fact remains that the goals

4 Ecommerce Trends that will Revolutionize the Retail World


Last week we took you through a thrilling ecommerce journey, discussing 4 ecommerce marketplace trends that are reigning over the digital world. Today, we’ll discuss 4 more trends that are gaining momentum and marking their place in the retail world. So, if you’re thinking of climbing on the ecommerce bandwagon, these trends will help you find the fastest way to ecommerce stardom. The customer is always right. Ever heard this saying? Of course you have. By making this your mantra,

6 Steps to Build a Great B2B Ecommerce Website


We live in the age of e-commerce. Every company worth its name is today looking to sell its products and services through the web. And rightly so. That is not an easy process, though. Launching an e-commerce site is indeed a daunting challenge. There are a large number of e-commerce platforms available in the market today. Selecting one of them to base your e-commerce venture on is a critical task. After all, that one decision could decide the fate of

Success Mantras of Top 5 E-commerce Marketplaces in India

Mantras ecommerce_01

A trip to the mall is often marred by traffic jams and potholes for Indians on the fast lane. And then, they turn to online shops to purchase their wares. No wonder, e-commerce start-ups in the country are having a field day, today. But that wasn’t the case earlier. Most e-commerce firms that started operations in the country at the turn of the century are nowhere to be seen now. A host of issues such as low internet penetration, lack

Trending Ecommerce Concepts that are Shaking the World- Part 1

Ecommrce trends_02

Imagine. You take out your car, frown at the time slipping away from you, and go to a nearby store to buy a pair of shoes. Sounds unfamiliar? Strange? A rare occurrence? Because it is. Welcome to the 21st century, when all everyone needs to buy anything in the world is an internet connection and a device that can get them online. The rest takes care of itself. The digital world today is bursting at seams with ecommerce platforms, online

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