4 Benefits Of Deploying Successful Ecommerce Platforms


Planning to introduce new business online? Consider deploying your e-commerce websites in latest e-commerce platforms to  build your new online stores. Innovative e-commerce platforms are marking the success of online businesses. It has  become quite easy to host online stores, showcase and sell almost any product. Every entrepreneur can introduce their signature products and vie for visibility from the large target audience of the online market.

 Here are 4 benefits that successful e-commerce platforms can provide to online store owners:

  1. Faster Time To Market

It is possible to convert your business idea to an online venture as soon as you conceive the plan. The idea for an online store can be realized and introduced into market within a few days. With specialized help from Oorjit, customization’s & integrations can be completed in few weeks. It is not usually easy for businesses to introduce their ventures online especially while it involves many processes. But e-commerce platforms are turning it possible.

  1. Better SEO 

Platform-based e-commerce websites have built-in SEO functionalities that can help you optimize your e-commerce store online without too much effort. This increases the visibility of your e-commerce store especially while your online store requires high visibility to draw traffic to it. Your buyers need to find your store easily using the search engine while searching for products online.

  1. Optimized for mobile commerce

 E-commerce platforms can be used to develop online stores that are optimized for mobile commerce. This enables  a multitude of mobile users to access it using their smart mobile devices. The scope of mobile commerce is increasing while smartphones are extensively used and the tendency to shop using smart mobile devices is escalating.

  1. Plan online stores with innovative features and reach out to global customers

 It is possible to adapt innovative features in your online stores and reach out to customers across the globe and  improve the scope of your online businesses. Most of the platforms have custom features and functionalities required by online businesses. But many new online ventures require special features and these can be developed in a platform than using any other alternatives.

You can use the e-commerce platform Oorjit, to build custom features. There are some recent features introduced by this platform such as online and offline inventory integration. Both online and offline sales in various outlets are reflected in a common database & managed by the admins of the online store allowing effective inventory management.

Another feature customization delivered for a client is the inclusion of reward points for online gaming portal. Reward points were awarded to games on discrete activities. But this feature was customized as providing reward points to visitors for a set of defined activities such as playing online games, reviewing online casinos, signing up in casino sites etc. The reward points are provided based on the activities and these points are accumulated in e-wallet for redemption. Oorjit adopted another innovative approach by allowing the redemption of these loyalty points on major online web stores such as Amazon, Walmart etc for customers to purchase products/ services and gift cards.

Since every business is different, building custom feature is necessary to sustain the competition in ecommerce domain.

 Get ready to start your own online business using our top e-commerce platform and target the high prospects of the online market..