6 Ways Online Vendors Can Reap Benefits from Free Shipping

  Free is a perennially sweet word. According to Dan Ariely, a behavioral economics researcher, people typically overvalue the benefits of “free” items even when compared to better-quality items that cost a small price. Needless to say, e-commerce industry is also influenced by this. Deals, coupons, free shipping etc. are the preferred buzzwords that entice shopaholics to an e-commerce store. Among the three; the impact that “Free shipping” creates on consumers is tremendous. The success of ‘Amazon prime’ is a

Seven Essential Approaches to Boost Your Ecommerce Website Traffic

  E-commerce has made a great influence on the way how consumers evaluate and purchase products as they look for better ways to get more benefits. E-commerce stores fulfill this requirement of consumer. Instead of wandering and waiting in long queues now with a few clicks they can order and get the products delivered to their doorstep as per their convenience!! As consumers are getting more inclined to online shopping, after 10 years we may not find any brick and

Ditch Google – 5 Bullet-proof Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Website Traffic

You have an amazing ecommerce store. You have products that could sell like hot cakes if only more people found them. Google’s sending some traffic your way. But, it’s not enough. In order to succeed in the ecommerce world you need massive amount of traffic. Huge number of hits every single day. And you can’t depend solely on Google for that. You need to do more. Market your ecommerce store on various other platforms and channels. Explore more digital marketing