Importance Of Product Repository While Building An Online Ecommerce Marketplace

One of the biggest challenges faced while running an online marketplace or multi-vendor e-commerce platform is maintaining the user experience quality of the platform. The majority of the marketplaces looks way different from how it was designed once they are launched. This is because the merchants tend to add products images, descriptions etc. as they please. The situation gets worse when the number of merchants increases. So how do we bring the order back and maintain the user experience quality

6 Must Have Capabilities of an Ecommerce Software to Increase Average Basket Size

Average basket size or transaction value is the average number of products sold in one single bill. It has a significant impact on revenue goals and maximizes business value. The e-commerce platform or e-commerce marketplace you have or you are planning to purchase should be capable of executing the following best practices which have enormously helped e-commerce merchants to increase ATV (Average Transaction Value). 1. Product Bundling This method increases the perceived value of the products and hence makes the customer feel

5 Psychological Product Recommendation Strategies To Increase Ecommerce Sales

Researches have shown that cost isn’t always the most substantial factor, emotions play a significant role in purchase decisions. While making a choice, there is a high probability that most people will stick with their original decision even though it could possibly be wrong. It is due to a psychological bias known as the Overconfidence Effect. Then why you should promote recommendations when you could use that space to do a whole lot of other things? Statistically speaking, the people

Increase Customer Conversion like a Pro– Lessons from Amazon

Amazon, the market leader in e-commerce, has come a long way since its beginning in 1995. Their business model set a precedent in the field, and even after all these years, they have managed to retain their dominance and stay above their competition. This has been made possible by the brand name built over the years, and also how they engage their customers and encourage them to return to their website for regular purchases. Upcoming online retailers can observe and

7 Brilliant concepts followed by Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma to succeed in ecommerce

“A real businessman or entrepreneur has no enemies. Once he understand this, the sky’s the limit.”– Jack Ma (Ma Yun), Founder and Chairman- Alibaba Group “Start with the customer and work backwards”– Jeff Bezos, Founder, Chairman & CEO-   The celebrity CEOs Mr. Jack Ma of and Jeff Bezos of needs no further introduction. They are undoubtedly the most talented entrepreneurs that changed our perspective about ecommerce. What made these people different were the… decisions they took,