3 Secret Ingredients of a Smart E-commerce Checkout Page

Check out page is often found to be the very place that most carts gets abandoned. If not taken care of, these abandonment rates will significantly affect your sales. There can be several reasons for abandonment ranging from design issues to functionality. The following points are considered to be the secret ingredients to build a smart checkout page.

Fine tuning Aesthetics

1. Place checkout buttons on the top and bottom of the page: Your customers need to see the checkout button without searching for it much. Make sure that you use the apt colour and size for these buttons.
2. Security seals: One of the biggest concerns of ecommerce is security. Make sure to place enough logos like “Secured payment, hack proof, guarantee etc.” near the payment section.
3. Option to continue shopping from the checkout page: There may be more things to buy which a user might remember only when he/she is inside cart page. ‘Continue shopping’ button give them an easy option to browse and add more products rather than making them click on the back button and probably lose the contents in the cart.
4. Save their cart or add to wishlist: Reduce the chances of losing a sale due to abandonment by giving your users and option to save the cart or add the order to wishlist. Later, use your ecommerce platform to send personalised offers which will lure the user into completing the purchase.
5. Display links to privacy policy, shipping details, FAQ and returns policy: These information are not to be kept on the footer or hidden in your website. In-fact, studies shows that majority of the users read these information before placing their first order using a site and these information play a crucial role in their decision making.
6. Final view: Give the users a final look at their order before placing it. This will help them to ensure what they have ordered is exactly what they want. Also, give them options to edit as well.
7. Remove forced registration: Forced registration is one of the reasons for your guest users to abandon the cart. Instead of collecting all information for the purpose of registration, collect the relevant information required for you to ship the product and give guest user an option to create an account using the information you have already collected towards the end of the checkout process.

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Optimizing Product Details

1. Display order summary: The order summary will help users understand the specifications of the product they have ordered for E.g. size of a shirt. These information will give them more confidence to place the order. There should be options to edit these specifications to help a user get exactly what he/she wants.
2. Shipping options: There will be users who might be willing to pay additional to get their shipment early for an additional amount. Shipping options can also include insurance, paid tracking etc. depending on the services you provide.
3. Option to update quantity and remove: The checkout page should give users flexibility to alter their order at any stage of the process.
4. Product recommendations: Recommendations are proven methods that help merchants increase their revenue. Ecommerce marketplaces like amazon have skilfully placed product recommendations inside the cart to upsell and cross sell products.
5. Contact details: Using a live chat in your cart may not be every ones choice to contact. It is recommended to place you phone and email details in the cart which needs to be active 24*7*365 if possible.
6. Pre-order availability details: If a particular product is available for pre-order convey users that the product delivery date might change based on the availability of the product and the price is subjected to change as well.
7. Gift wrapping and personal message options: Merchants can earn additional income by offering users a service they would love to have like ‘”Gift Wrapping”. Place them before the final payment button.

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Payment and Incentives

1. Show latest promo codes: Promo codes often help in reducing cart abandonment and increase conversions. Placing them right inside the cart will give users an urge to use them, which will result in placing the order instantly. Provide the option to apply promo code in the first stage of checkout process, possibly near the order summary so that the user can immediately see how much he/she is saving.
2. Give financing options: The abonnements due to price can be controlled by proving financing options to users in product detail page and cart. Services like EMIs are a great way to help customers purchase their desired product without a huge upfront payment.
3. Promote review for an incentive: The content written by users are the gems in ecommerce world. More the user generated content your ecommerce platform have the better it is. Give users incentive to write content like product reviews, answering questions asked by other users etc.
4. Gift cards: Gift cards are your assured sales amount so make it as easy as possible to apply them during the checkout process. Place them as a payment option in the checkout page.
5. Security reassurance: Make sure your cart page shows the badge of the SSL certificate which the customers value a lot. Make them trust you by using words which provide confidence like Amazon’s “100% purchase protection, easy returns etc.”

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