Finding merchants with your own customized daily deal site

The initial step is over. You have purchased or developed your own distinctive and tailored ecommerce business platform. What next? It is important to start reaching out to potential customers. This can be done by collecting or importing email addresses, and using social media. Then comes the crucial part. Finding businesses who would want to sell using your daily deal site.

You can start with the usual mass marketing techniques of using your existing mailing lists. However, niche marketing or targeted marketing is going to be more beneficial in generating leads. This is because, only those businesses that are relevant to your targeted demographic are going to be interested in what you have to offer. With your daily deal website, prospective business partners are going to reduce time, effort and expenses regarding customer acquisition. This valuable feature can be leveraged to pitch your website. Moreover, their existing channels which rely on offline marketing cannot match up to the data analytics that can be acquired through your daily deal site.

While pitching your idea to first timers, who are new to online marketing, it would be best to work out a model where you introduce them easily and lessening the risks into the online market. It is important to ensure the businesses earn clients and profits for your daily deal site to be sustainable. To ensure regular and repeated businesses from clients, it is wise to keep initial commissions low and provide an opening for your partners for profitable and quality deals and continual buyer behavior. It is important that you hold your end of the bargain by increasing traffic to promote sales which increases the engagement between your client and their customers.

Once you have completed successful deals for a few of your clients, you can then tap into the data that can be obtained regarding market behavior, shopping behavior, and customer base. This can be analyzed and used to target more businesses who can use your website.