5 topics expected to trend at #FinovateFall 2014, NYC

Finovate has come a long way from where it began in the year 2007 (New York). The objective was to bring the FinTech community together to foster innovation, and Finovate did just that. This year at FinovateFall we expect the following topics to garner attention at the show.


1. Apple Pay: From planning till its launch this has been the talk of the town. We expect talks on how payment community is going to use this technology to create smart customer experiences.


2. Customer rewards: Just as every report published says, your customers expect you to reward them for every engagement. How we can reward them, technologies to be used etc. are going to be the discussed.


3. Omnichannel banking: Omni-channel banking topic will be discussed this time as well, since bankers are trying to have a presence in almost every channel their customers are present. You can expect speakers on how to improve mobile banking interface and how to use mobile apps to generate income.


4. Online security: This could arguably be the most talked about topic in banking history.

There is no show that can avoid this topic. But this time the innovators and thinkers are expected to discuss more on how to reduce the friction at the customer’s end while increasing online security.


5. Wealth management:  The change in global regulations and how wealth managers should adapt to these changes is expected to be another anticipated topic.


It goes without saying that Finovate is bound to be a huge success as usual.  Like everyone else we are eagerly waiting for the event to begin and see what is showcased this time around.