7 Benefits of Clienteling Solutions Every Retailer Needs to Know

The greatest challenge faced by today’s retailers is the rise of tech-savvy “Connected Customers”. Most people use their Smartphones to search online looking for the best prices, competitive offers and deals etc, even while inside an offline retail store. As a result, in spite of having enough footfalls in stores, retailers are barely able to get a decent ROI. Although retailers are shelling out the hard earned money to develop unique marketing techniques to enhance customer engagement and improve customer experience, customer still seem to prefer the comfort, convenience and the ease of online shopping.

Retailers have finally found a solution to overcome this challenge in the new gen concept popularly known as “Clienteling”.

‘Clienteling Solutions’ are systems to manage customer engagement business processes for bringing customers into your store using channels like mobile apps in their smart gadgets. It further involves providing an exceptional in-store shopping experience and keeping your customers coming back for more, again through innovative digital solutions.

Clienteling Solutions are widely being used today to eliminate the possibility of suffering losses due to the surge of online shopping. These solutions aim at optimizing the possibilities of making the most of both, the online and offline world of retail, rather than trying to win through just aggressive offline marketing. Why settle for one when you can have the benefits of both?

Take a look at the benefits and decide for yourself:

Benefits of Clienteling Solutions

Convert window shoppers to buyers

With gadgets like iBeacons that send push notifications to Smartphone users when they are within the proximity of your store, you can lure window shoppers into your store. Once you are able to capture their interest, they would be tempted to check your products out.

Generate repeat sales

The novelty of experience is sure to impress your customers, thus exponentially increasing the customer satisfaction factor. Satisfied customers can most definitely be equated to repeat customers.

Expand customer network

Repeat customers are the key to expanding your fan base. Because they are sure to spread the word about how awesome you are! In this age of connectivity, reference through networking is effective, viral and extremely cheap.

Easily target specific user groups

Personalized offers are more oriented towards existing customers. Pushing offers targeting specific groups (like offers on sports products to attract sports enthusiasts) through iBeacons, can help you bring in new customers.

Up-sell/ cross-sell

Technological innovations like Smart Carts (which are “tools” in clienteling solutions) help you Upsell & cross-sell to your customers. Based on the products they already have in their carts, they can be “educated” about the combinations in which they are usually purchased or about how they can save on the product if they buy it in a larger quantity.

Encourage loyalty

Following up a successful sale with offers based on their purchase history through emails and text messages have proven their effectiveness in encouraging customer loyalty. Along with this, if they are given are educated about offers that are soon to be launched, etc right at the billing counter before they leave the store, you can ensure they come back soon.

Empower your associates

No matter how effective your marketing techniques are, the human element in them is critical to the success of your business. The human elements are your sales associates. Keep them well trained, arm them with a smart gadget that makes them look (and work) sophisticated, will definitely help them work better. Giving them access to in-store customers’ preferences can help them offer a more personalized customer service.