Are you a retailer looking to migrate from your existing Magento Go platform?

SaaS eCommerce platforms like Magento Go, Shopify, Volusion etc. have helped small and medium businesses to set up their online stores with minimum fuss for a while. It is cheaper, flexible and offers a small scale business to set up an online store without any hassle. However, there comes a time when retailers have to seriously assess their options regarding the scalability of the platforms as soon as the business matures and they want to grow further.

The announcement by eBay to shut down Magento Go while extending its services till February 2015 has cast doubts on over 10000 retailers who use Magento Go. The reason a SaaS platform would most likely have been chosen would be because it was cheaper and more attractive while starting up when compared to an enterprise e-commerce solution. However, as your business grows, it is important to scale up your business practices accordingly and that would include your online store as well.

“You might have started off as a small business and matured into a flourishing online marketplace by now. It is important to choose a powerful platform which best serves your fast-growing business.”

Once the business has matured, it would be pragmatic to invest in an IT team to monitor your business online and move out of the limited functionalities of a SaaS-based platform to an enterprise platform. Enterprise solutions come at a cost, however, it comes with a whole lot of crucial features which can supplement your business operations. Moreover, the ownership of data is now with the business through the hosted platform. This would eliminate the issues that come with data being handled by a third party source. A customizable platform would give you more freedom in designing your online store the way you want, and give your store the exclusivity it deserves. Limited capabilities of a SaaS platform such as security issues are overcome when you have invested a platform that is built to your requirements and preferences. Resource-rich platforms allow seamless migration in no time which would ensure that the new store is up and running as soon as possible.

The story of every successful business involves changing with the times and studying your options to improve and implement the measures to achieve the goals. Are you looking for a platform that would suit your needs? Take a look at the features Oorjit provides to its customers.