Benefits of Integrating Chatbots to your Ecommerce Site

Integrating Chatbots

The future is now! And chatbots are just what you need to make your future bright. With the rise of AI, ChatBots have become a lot smarter and they function 10 times better than a bot could few years ago.

And, what else? They are the next big thing for the E-commerce user experience and engagement. Not only do they automate customer service by helping customers decide on what they want, but also give suggestions on relevant products and solutions to the customer’s queries. This helps e-commerce sites to increase customer engagement and generate better sales.

Let’s see how you can benefit your business through chatbots:

Helps in Generating Leads for your Business

Gathering leads through social media marketing is a commonly used way. But how often do you think of using bots to generate leads? Well, it works better than you think. People of this era, prefer conversations over filling up forms. Bots act as humans with customers and make form filling processes seem like a conversation, thus collecting details of the customer and converting them into leads.

Acts as a Conversational Agent

You can deploy bots on your e-commerce platform, where they act as agents and answer all the queries on from the customers. For example, a customer wants to buy a couch and has questions regarding the maintenance of the couch. This is where the role of the bot comes into play. It goes through the details regarding the couch and gives you an instant reply on the maintenance part. This will prevent customers from leaving your site or from waiting too long for responses to the emails sent to your company.

Prevents Shopping Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment usually happens when customers don’t find the ideal product that they are looking for. This can be avoided through bots that send out push notifications regarding unfinished purchases to the customer. This gives the customer a feeling that they are of value and would come back for another purchase.

Makes Payments Much Easier

Chatbots not only help customers while shopping online, but also helps in hassle-free payment. Placing the order is a much less headache with chatbots for they save a lot of time by handling the transaction for you in just few clicks. This convenience encourages shoppers to make more purchase on your site every time.

Improves Shopping Experience

Imagine having a stylist all to yourself, who gives you suggestions on the products you need to purchase. That’s exactly what chatbots do. They act as people, learn about a customer’s preference and save them for future purchases. They then recommend related products and also styles that might suit the customer’s taste. This gives customers a personalized and convenient customer service experience which they will definitely want to come back for.

Offers 24 Hour Support

Having a good customer support 24/7 has a positive impact on customers. Chatbots do not sleep ever, and neither do they have time zones, so they are a good way to increase customer engagement.

With consumers getting deep into new technology and the social-chatting culture, chatbots are the way to satisfy customers with its ability to provide an advanced shopping experience.