Boosting Sales Of Ecommerce Website With 6 Post-order Emails Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!


If you already know ways to boost the sales of e-commerce website, here is a happy surprise. A few post-order emails can help shoot up the sales of your e-commerce websites effectively. Here is how…

  • Acknowledgement email

 Acknowledgement emails are the initial email that you sent to a customer acknowledging the purchase of the product from your online store. This mail will contain an acknowledgement of the purchase with details such as order number, product details etc.

Such mails also generally contain a ‘Thank You’ note to the customer followed by links to suggested products & other features to discover products in the e-commerce site encouraging them to visit it again.

  • Post-purchase follow up

After customer makes an order from your online store do you make an effort to get in touch with them? The best time to engage with your customers is when you remain at top of their mind. Hence make sure that you add post purchase follow up to your email marketing campaign. You can use these follow up mails for gathering consumer insights through various means such as service satisfaction surveys, Product Review Request etc. Post purchase follow-up mails keep conversation going and help develop a personal relationship between your brand and the consumer. This helps in cultivating customer loyalty .

  • Abandoned cart reminders

Sometimes it is found that customers add products to their carts but they won’t end up in purchasing. The reasons for customers to abandon their shopping carts may be various. The graph below shows the primary reasons why digital shoppers abandon their carts.


Latest research suggests that the average conversion rate of abandoned cart emails is about 4.64% whereas that of promotional newsletter is just 0.17% and the average revenue per promotional newsletter is $.10 meanwhile revenue of cart recovery mail can reach to $5.46 per email!!

  • Re-engagement prompts 

Email campaigns can be planned to re-engage & re activate idle customers, prompting them to shop again. You can use re engagement email to attract customers with better & personalized offers and turn them active shoppers. Providing free gifts and conducting surveys are other different effective re-engagement options which will help you to re-engage with such idle customers.

  • Up sell offers

 Amazon reported that in 2016 35% of their revenues were as a direct result of up selling efforts.

Up selling is a most important strategy in to lure back customers to your web stores. It involves selling additional value products or services to the online shoppers on top of what they have already purchased. Surprise the buyers with better selling offers and product recommendations such as combo offers, bundled products etc.. This helps them to plan their shopping spree productively. .

  • New information & updates

Emails providing new information such as product launch, discounts, promotions and other important factors can easily improve e-commerce sales. After assessing the purchase history of the online shoppers, it is possible to send informative emails that update them on the products in the online markets. Such campaigns help your online stores become a favorite with shoppers and ensure that they frequent it more often.