Building Better Online Stores with Ecommerce Platforms

Building Better Online Stores

The e-tailing boom catapulted many businesses to start online stores. But building them from scratch doubled their work of updating their features every time they wanted to be on top of their game. Later on, many companies came up with modular e-commerce platforms which were much easier for businesses to handle as they supported auto-upgradations and heavy customization. This made it evident that establishing an e-commerce website on e-commerce platforms was the best way to do it and that they are the cornerstones of many successful online businesses. 

Let’s see the ways through which e-commerce platforms benefit online businesses:

Faster Time To Market

It is possible to convert your business idea to an online venture as soon as you conceive the plan. There are times when business have to get into the online business due to certain deals. It is not usually easy for businesses to introduce their ventures online especially while it involves many processes. But with e-commerce platforms, the idea for an online store can be realized and introduced into the market within a few days.   

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Better SEO 

Platform-based e-commerce websites have built-in SEO functionalities that can help you optimize your e-commerce store with less effort. This increases the visibility of your store especially while it requires high visibility to draw traffic to it. Thus, Your buyers can find your store easily, while searching for products online.

Optimized for Mobile Commerce

The scope of mobile commerce is increasing while smartphones are being used extensively. People have a high tendency to shop online using their smartphones which is an easier option. E-commerce platforms, with responsive abilities thus satisfies a multitude of mobile users to shop online using their mobile devices. 

Incorporate Innovative & Exclusive Features

It is possible to adapt innovative features in your online stores and reach out to customers across the globe. This also improve the scope of your online businesses. Most of the platforms have custom features and functionalities necessary for online businesses. But many new online ventures require special features which are easier to develop on such platforms than using any other alternative.

Oorjit is one such platform that helps you build custom features necessary for your business. Some of the recent features introduced by this platform are Online and Offline Inventory Integration, Free Product List, Subscription commerce, Delivery Slot Management and Variable Pricing.

Better Marketing Tools to Reach Out Global Customers

There are various tools that help in the better reach of global customers. Analytical tools have the ability to identify user patterns and  attributes like location, time on page. This ability, in turn, helps to segment visitors and customers and create virtual customer groups. These groups can be later targeted with personalised emails and ads to win them back.

Oorjit helps you build the perfect online store, where you can use these innovative features to benefit your business. Book a free consultation and mark your way to building the best online store.