How to Increase the Conversion Rate of E-commerce Websites?

ecommerce platform

  Ecommerce websites are online platforms that tremendously help business owners to sell their products online. E-commerce websites are designed and created to project the novel ideas. There is no hindrance of distance or time in Ecommerce. It is a quickly developing aspect. Oorjit is a platform with which Ecommerce websites can be built. Oorjit extends its helping hand to increase the conversion rates of the Ecommerce business. Here are some tips to increase the conversion rate of your online

5 Ways to Make the Best Out of Your Shipping Provider

Shipping Provider

It is you who makes sure that your customer is happy. You make sure that your site is up-to-date. You make the necessary tweaks on your site; unless and until the product your customer orders leaves your hands. Oh boy, once that’s done, you have left your product on a stranger’s hand to be shipped to the customer. The judgment part. Choose the wrong shipping provider and you end up with unsatisfied customers. Managing logistics is a major concern for

How to become a unique daily deal platform

Thousands of daily deal websites are functioning in the E-Trade world, catering to shoppers around the world. They help the shoppers save some money while providing the merchants’ easy access to a very wide user group and a lot of valuable data. The competition is quite stiff & and these websites are easily prone to duplication. This said it is also good to note that even if two sites look the same, customers would always choose those sites that are

Fixing bounce rate of your daily deal site

Bounce rate (noun) – The percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.   Bounce rate is used to measure the effectiveness of your daily deal site in encouraging site visitors to continue browsing your site. It is used to monitor your web traffic. You can determine the effectiveness of a page in your daily deal site in engaging visitors and generating interest. If bounce rate is high, it is

The hazards of purchasing Groupon clones or daily deal scripts.

However much you might want to purchase a Groupon clone or a similar daily deal script, it would be better if you hold your decision and assess your options, especially if you are new to the ecommerce / online sales industry. Most Groupon clones or scripts are not cheap to come by and cost from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars, generally requiring onetime payment, upfront. Once they have pocketed your hard earned cash, it is not uncommon for

Entering a crowded niche segment with the help of your daily deal platform

Daily deal websites have come a long way. With changing market conditions, there is a need to evolve from traditional daily deal concepts. It goes without saying that to maintain the success of a daily deal website, identifying market segments where profits can be maximized is key. This is where niche markets come into play. This allows you to cater specifically to a select group of customers. This can minimize the expenditure of resources as there is an existing active

Finding merchants with your own customized daily deal site

The initial step is over. You have purchased or developed your own distinctive and tailored ecommerce business platform. What next? It is important to start reaching out to potential customers. This can be done by collecting or importing email addresses, and using social media. Then comes the crucial part. Finding businesses who would want to sell using your daily deal site. You can start with the usual mass marketing techniques of using your existing mailing lists. However, niche marketing or targeted