Secrets to Grow your Ecommerce Sales ’10x’

  E-commerce platforms are revolutionizing online sales with novel and effective strategies. Even small businesses are enthusiastic to move their businesses online and shoot up their sales. E-commerce stores have become the busiest business ventures enticing shoppers across globe to purchase and avail the best deals. While these businesses are flourishing, new business owners are now keen on knowing the  secret catalyst to boost their eCommerce sales. These are some of the factors that will help you improve e-commerce sales:

Optimise Your Ecommerce Website to Get More Sales

How many times have you gone to an e-commerce website and then drifted off without buying the product? Chances are that the number is big. Visiting an online store is easy. It isn’t a time-consuming affair. A smartphone and an internet connection is all it takes to take you to the store. You are also spared the traffic jams of our cities. But then making the purchase decision there is not that easy. You can’t touch and feel the product

Multiply your Conversion Rate with the Power of Personalization

You have a terrific e-commerce website – beckoning users and promising to provide them with a thrilling ride. Potential customers are flocking to your website in great numbers. Excited, searching for that perfect product they can purchase. You wait expectantly for your visitors to convert into customers at a decent rate. But. The conversions are low. They’re not at par with what you expected. You look at the numbers and shake your head in frustration. Why haven’t you been able

10 Steps to Increase Sales and Meet the Demand During the Holiday Season

The biggest sales period of the year for e-commerce firms – the holiday shopping season – is just around the corner.  Retail e-commerce sales are expected to jump 13.9 percent this year, to touch 79.4 billion USD, during the season, which extends from Black Friday to Christmas.  Vendors get 50-100 percent more sales per day during the season, than during the rest of the year. Hence it is very important that you prepare well in advance to optimize your operations

20 Proven Product Detail Page Elements To Double Ecommerce Marketplace Conversions

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Product detail pages play an important role in making your customers take the ultimate decision on whether to buy or not. It is very important that you always keep your detail pages up to the standards such that you can increase the conversion rate. The following features have been found to have great influence in highly successful sites.   Also Read: 6 Must-Have Capabilities of an E-commerce Software to Increase Average Basket Size 1.       Breadcrumb navigation: Breadcrumb navigation help users

How to increase your sales during Online Holiday shopping 2014 – Part 2

As you have read in part 1 of this blog there are several promotional methods that you can apply to increase sales this holiday season. Even though promotions will help you bring potential traffic, in order to complete the sales process you need to optimise your e-commerce portal and the whole system to make the most of the traffic thus generated. The following points cover some important aspects you have to consider in order to increase the efficiency of sales conversion

How to increase your sales during Online Holiday shopping 2014 – Part 1

National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts, the Holidays 2014 sales to exceed $617 billion and eMarketer predicts the eCommerce sales to reach $72.41 billion in the US alone. These figures are the biggest ever in the history of holiday sales. Being an aspiring retailer you should be eager to gain a major chunk of that opportunity.  The following points cover some must follow tips that will help you increase your sales and reap some serious profit this holiday season.   SEE

Improve Your Sales Process with POS System

Although the advent of online stores made it possible for the merchants to take their products to customers across the world, it has made inventory management difficult. The existence of POS system ensures that a merchant’s online and retail stores run smoothly, without hassles. POS system or Point of Sale is a variety of devices which include computers, cash registers, optical and bar code scanners, magnetic card readers or a combination of these devices.  The system is used to record

How to use Analytics for Increasing Sales

Just over 45% of businesses use analytics to aid their sales according to a recent study. Have you thought about how you can manipulate the data that is available to you by using it to your advantage? The important factor that is going to decide whether you make it or break it, hinges on whether you decide to use the data that your analytics tools provide you. It goes without saying that in order to develop a healthy business you