How to Increase the Conversion Rate of E-commerce Websites?

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  Ecommerce websites are online platforms that tremendously help business owners to sell their products online. E-commerce websites are designed and created to project the novel ideas. There is no hindrance of distance or time in Ecommerce. It is a quickly developing aspect. Oorjit is a platform with which Ecommerce websites can be built. Oorjit extends its helping hand to increase the conversion rates of the Ecommerce business. Here are some tips to increase the conversion rate of your online

Migrating from Nimble Commerce to Oorjit Deals

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YallaBanana, a leading deal & coupon platform in UAE was finding it tough to move ahead in a highly competitive shopping market. To top it, their vendor decided to shut down leaving Omar, the CEO of YallaBanana with no option but to scout for other e-commerce vendors. It is during this endeavor, Oorjit appeared as a “light at the end of the tunnel” to Omar and helped YallaBanana rise back by utilizing Oorjit’s e-commerce capabilities in creating powerful deal websites.

Next-Gen Trends that can Transform the World of Ecommerce

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                In the current technology-driven world where all of us use smartphones, there is for sure no space for any kind of mistake in offline stores. Shoppers go to shops expecting a good array of options to choose from, compare with, and every other functionality that is available on an online store. In Order to keep up with these expectations, businesses are coming up with many creative solutions-both online and offline. These solutions

Improve Your Online Business In 2018 With These Top Ecommerce Trends

  E-commerce websites are evolving each year by adapting new trends and latest technologies to enrich the online shopping experience. While e-commerce stores are a global platform engaging shoppers worldwide, they have to implement compelling new trends that disrupt the online retailing industry. There is plenty for the online shoppers to be excited about in 2018 as they plan for an endless shopping spree this New Year. E-commerce is fast evolving and is already acclaimed as a fast and more

4 Ecommerce Trends that will Revolutionize the Retail World

Last week we took you through a thrilling e-commerce journey, discussing 4 e-commerce marketplace trends that are reigning over the digital world. Today, we’ll discuss 4 more trends that are gaining momentum and marking their place in the retail world. So, if you’re thinking of climbing on the e-commerce bandwagon, these trends will help you find the fastest way to e-commerce stardom. The customer is always right. Ever heard this saying? Of course, you have. By making this your mantra,

Trending Ecommerce Concepts that are Shaking the World- Part 1

Imagine. You take out your car, frown at the time slipping away from you and go to a nearby store to buy a pair of shoes. Sounds unfamiliar? Strange? A rare occurrence? Because it is. Welcome to the 21st century, when all everyone needs to buy anything in the world is an internet connection and a device that can get them online. The rest takes care of itself. The digital world today is bursting at seams with e-commerce platforms, online

7 Powerful Ecommerce Trends That Will Flourish In 2015

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As eCommerce sales soar year after year, there is no reason for entrepreneurs to hesitate while planning to enter or invest further in this industry. As the industry booms, the law of economics becomes applicable – “More the demand, more the supply”. Every year thousands of eCommerce sites are being launched to tap into the market and earn a fortune from this gold rush. However to win, the entrepreneurs need to address the biggest challenge in this industry i.e. to

Key Trends that will revolutionize E-Commerce in 2014

Internet & globalization have taken the world of trade by rage & the concept of E-commerce is also swiftly gaining more popularity by the day. The progress is quite rapid and online shoppers now have more choice and more information at their fingertips than ever before. Here are some top trends that have been predicted for 2014 and how they will revolutionize the E-commerce Industry: Going global while staying local Globalization was what started the ball rolling, and now it’s