What can we learn about SaaS platforms from Magento Go?

SaaS platforms like Shopify and Magento Go have helped budding entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses start their online marketplaces with minimal effort and time. They come cheap and do not require any technical infrastructure in place. Since it is a pay-as-you-use model, your expenditure is directly related to your business each month, or a fixed monthly subscription that can be suited to your use. While these benefits are more suited to small businesses, retailers with a long-term vision to grow and

Things to consider when migrating from Magento Go.

There comes a stage in every business lifecycle to expand operations and enter new markets. Online stores are no different. Startup ecommerce entrepreneurs usually enter the market with the help of SaaS platforms which help reduce initial overheads, aiding their operations during the early phases. There is also a mitigation of the financial risk factor which hangs over any business startup. This is what most of our clients have had to say to us. However the need to upgrade and

Facts you should know about Magento Go to Enterprise platform Migration.

If you are a retailer who is currently using a SaaS platform and wants to migrate to an enterprise e-commerce platform you would be assessing your options for the best solution that can serve your needs. It is important to remember that you chose an enterprise platform to grow your business. Your new platform must be an upgrade to your existing model, with more functions and features. Before migration, you would naturally be curious as to what happens during the

Top 5 Successful eCommerce Business Models

Every business needs a predefined model before starting it. A business model is a pre-defined set of strategies adapted by businesses to create and deliver their products or services. In a growing capitalist world where everything has a business perspective, it is essential to research in depth about the business model, in order to build up a value for the business in the socio-economic environment. A well-planned adaptation of a business model is the key to any new business. Here

Are you a retailer looking to migrate from your existing Magento Go platform?

SaaS eCommerce platforms like Magento Go, Shopify, Volusion etc. have helped small and medium businesses to set up their online stores with minimum fuss for a while. It is cheaper, flexible and offers a small scale business to set up an online store without any hassle. However, there comes a time when retailers have to seriously assess their options regarding the scalability of the platforms as soon as the business matures and they want to grow further. The announcement by

Beacon Technology for Retailers

Beacon Technology? You must have come across the term Beacon by now. If you have not, you will soon. In the near future, your smartphone is going to enhance your shopping experience by providing real-time updates while you are shopping. They are going to provide you live deals which are happening around you, offers, promotional content, mall navigation, and so on, converging your online and offline digital shopping experience. What is beacon? A beacon is a small, cheap piece of

7 Benefits of Clienteling Solutions Every Retailer Needs to Know

The greatest challenge faced by today’s retailers is the rise of tech-savvy “Connected Customers”. Most people use their Smartphones to search online looking for the best prices, competitive offers and deals etc, even while inside an offline retail store. As a result, in spite of having enough footfalls in stores, retailers are barely able to get a decent ROI. Although retailers are shelling out the hard earned money to develop unique marketing techniques to enhance customer engagement and improve customer

How to converge online and offline worlds to engage and retain your customers

The key challenge in every retail scenario is to make customers buy more & buy again. Marketing trends, techniques, strategies and sales campaigns are all designed to achieve this one goal. While advancement in technology has made things extremely simple and achievable online commerce is being seen as a threat by the traditional retailers. Online shopping through smart handhelds, especially while inside an offline store, is a massive challenge that seemed impossible to overcome. They try to develop and implement

Improve Your Sales Process with POS System

Although the advent of online stores made it possible for the merchants to take their products to customers across the world, it has made inventory management difficult. The existence of POS system ensures that a merchant’s online and retail stores run smoothly, without hassles. POS system or Point of Sale is a variety of devices which include computers, cash registers, optical and bar code scanners, magnetic card readers or a combination of these devices.  The system is used to record