6 Ways Online Vendors Can Reap Benefits from Free Shipping

free shipping

Free is a perennially sweet word. According to Dan Ariely, a behavioural economics researcher, people typically overvalue the benefits of “free” items even when compared to better-quality items that cost a small price. Needless to say, e-commerce industry is also influenced by this. Deals, coupons, free shipping etc. are the preferred buzzwords that entice shopaholics to an e-commerce store. Among the three; the impact that “Free shipping” creates on consumers is tremendous. The success of ‘Amazon prime’ is a primary

Creating Unified Ecommerce Experience Across Devices

Unified Ecommerce

                                                                                         It has become a necessity for businesses to provide a unified experience to their customer. A transaction can be initiated at any place or device, this means the web store, the mobile app and POS system

Multiply your Conversion Rate with the Power of Personalization

You have a terrific e-commerce website – beckoning users and promising to provide them with a thrilling ride. Potential customers are flocking to your website in great numbers. Excited, searching for that perfect product they can purchase. You wait expectantly for your visitors to convert into customers at a decent rate. But. The conversions are low. They’re not at par with what you expected. You look at the numbers and shake your head in frustration. Why haven’t you been able

10 Steps to Increase Sales and Meet the Demand During the Holiday Season

The biggest sales period of the year for e-commerce firms – the holiday shopping season – is just around the corner.  Retail e-commerce sales are expected to jump 13.9 percent this year, to touch 79.4 billion USD, during the season, which extends from Black Friday to Christmas.  Vendors get 50-100 percent more sales per day during the season, than during the rest of the year. Hence it is very important that you prepare well in advance to optimize your operations

How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Online Marketplace Store

Opening up an online marketplace isn’t the end – it’s just the beginning. True, you may have worked months trying to get the balance straight, but as a small business owner, your journey has only begun. The question now is, how do you drive in people to your web store? It’s not easy as you’d think. There are probably thousands of your competitors online, and relying on SEO is a mistake, no matter what your SEO Company will tell. SEO

How to converge online and offline worlds to engage and retain your customers

The key challenge in every retail scenario is to make customers buy more & buy again. Marketing trends, techniques, strategies and sales campaigns are all designed to achieve this one goal. While advancement in technology has made things extremely simple and achievable online commerce is being seen as a threat by the traditional retailers. Online shopping through smart handhelds, especially while inside an offline store, is a massive challenge that seemed impossible to overcome. They try to develop and implement

Customer Retention through Closed Group Reward Programs for Banks

Have you ever dreamed to be part of your customers’ everyday decision making process? Such that, before every decision, they make they would think about you first. ‘Closed Group Reward Portals’ enable banks to be a part of customers’ decision-making process for each of their needs. This continuous engagement can be converted to a strategy which involves repeated use of banking products/services. This ingenious concept can help banks step out of its shoes of being a mere financial partner to