Why Ecommerce Marketplace a Great Business Model?

ecommerce marketplace

Online marketplace plays a key role in setting up a fully functional online store and ecommerce marketplace offers different services such as supersizing customer orders through up-sell and automated email marketing. Ecommerce marketplace has created an easy and affordable way for selling products online and it takes care of all aspects of online shopping including uploading products, changing the design, accepting credit card orders and completing transactions. Budget, type of product, CMS needs, CRM needs, product categories, merchandising, scale of

Migrating from Nimble Commerce to Oorjit Deals


YallaBanana, a leading deal & coupon platform in UAE was finding it tough to move ahead in a highly competitive shopping market. To top it, their vendor decided to shut down leaving Omar, the CEO of YallaBanana with no option but to scout for other e-commerce vendors. It is during this endeavor, Oorjit appeared as a “light at the end of the tunnel” to Omar and helped YallaBanana rise back by utilizing Oorjit’s e-commerce capabilities in creating powerful deal websites.

Oorjit Takes Home Two Ecommerce Software Awards for 2018

Ecommerce Software

The Oorjit team is excited to share some really great news with our users. Oorjit was just elected as winners of the Rising Star award for 2018 and the prestigious Great User Experience award delivered by FinancesOnline, a reputed software directory that helps businesses find the right platform for their specific needs and requirements. They featured our product and shared reviews on their page on how it benefits customers effectively. FinancesOnline helps millions of users compare products, find customer reviews

5 Ways to Make the Best Out of Your Shipping Provider

Shipping Provider

It is you who makes sure that your customer is happy. You make sure that your site is up-to-date. You make the necessary tweaks on your site; unless and until the product your customer orders leaves your hands. Oh boy, once that’s done, you have left your product on a stranger’s hand to be shipped to the customer. The judgment part. Choose the wrong shipping provider and you end up with unsatisfied customers. Managing logistics is a major concern for

Shopping Cart Abandonment Report – The Secret to Higher Conversions

Cart Abandonment Report

  Let’s start with this question. What is cart abandonment? When shoppers come to a shopping site, select items and add it to their online shopping carts, but then leave before completing the purchase, this conveys as cart abandonment. This situation is obviously taken as a big loss for the business. According to reports by Baymard Institute, a high percent of digital transactions, 68.6% worldwide, are dumped before a purchase is completed. After all the hard work you have gone