Cost Effective Strategies To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Ecommerce Sales


Catalyzing the sales of eCommerce websites can be easy with a few effective cost saving strategies. E commerce websites need not wait for profits from seasonal sales as ordinary outlets. Instead, they can implement clever strategies to boost online sales.

Here are few cost-effective strategies that can trigger more sales in your website and give you an edge over your competitors.

  • Improve The Speed Of Your Website

Target the factor affecting the speed of your website such as page loading time, UI/UX. Online shoppers do not frequent sites that take ages to load! Slow websites are a put-off for online shoppers and they end up choosing ecommerce websites that load faster. Moreover, the slow loading websites will tend to freeze during checkout. Shoppers are sure to be frustrated and abandon their carts.

  • Personalize The Shopping Experience

 Online shoppers are delighted to purchase from ecommerce websites. Why? Because many online stores are already personalizing the shopping experience of these customers. Based on the purchasing history of shoppers, ecommerce websites can track products that the buyers prefer and suggest it to them. This will catch the attention of the shoppers and they are likely to love their shopping experience. This will earn their loyalty and they are sure to shop again online using the same ecommerce website!

Multiply your conversion rate with the power of personalization

  • Offer Guest Check Out Option

eCommerce guest check out pageMost shoppers are lazy to sign up in your website especially while they have to fill up forms and follow procedures. Hence offering guest checkout options are a good strategy to create a better shopping experience and yield more conversions. They are more interested to shop as they browse the products and head straight to the check out for completing the payment process. Ecommerce websites with guest check out options are able to attract high sales as they allow all visitors to shop and checkout online.

  • Implement Website Analytics

Website analytics play vital role in the growth of your eCommerce business. Running an eCommerce store without analytics tool is similar to riding a vehicle towards the destination without having any idea about the route. A well-constructed website analytics will help you to identify and define your potential customers, their interest, their purchase behavior ,their geo location etc. These analytics will help you build smart marketing strategies.

How To Use Analytics For Increasing Sales

  • Increase Customer Retention

There are different ways to retain the interests of the customers for an ecommerce site. Product recommendations and suggestions can be used to win new customers and make them loyal shoppers. With product recommendations, shoppers can easily find better products without wasting time hunting for it. Product recommendation based on their purchasing history helps them to locate products both easily and also quickly.

  • Introduce Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is not a completely new entity from ecommerce .Mobile ecommerce brings your  online store to the consumer’s pocket. Is it a necessity? Of course yes, the growth in smart phone and tablets users have made mobile ecommerce A more convenient option to shop using mobile devices at any time and from anywhere. Statistics show that 40% of users will go to the competitor because of a bad mobile shopping experience.Hence it’s high time to unlock the Mcommerce capabilities of your online store.

The Rapidly Evolving Mobile Commerce

  • Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are an effective way to get customer loyalty and boost sales. E commerce websites introduce email campaigns to elicit the interests of online shoppers and visitors to the shopping websites. Effective email campaigns can help you nurture window shoppers and convert them into recurring customers. Emails introduce the visitors to attractive promotions of your eCommerce website and draw their interest to its highlights. Introductory emails are a great way to welcome new shoppers to the eCommerce site. All leading eCommerce platforms essentially send out introductory mails and follow it up with an effective email campaign to instill their brand in the minds of shoppers. The email campaigns usually include Welcome email, Product suggestion emails, emails on daily deals and offers, emails with festive offers and discounts.

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