Creating Unified Ecommerce Experience Across Devices

Unified Ecommerce

                                                                                         It has become a necessity for businesses to provide a unified experience to their customer. A transaction can be initiated at any place or device, this means the web store, the mobile app and POS system (if any) needs to work as one. Ignoring these factors can result in a very average customer purchase experience. This ultimately drives your customers away from you to your competitors who are ready to provide better customer experience. In this blog, we will learn what Unified E-commerce is and what are the factors that help in providing a unified customer experience.

What is Unified Ecommerce?

Unified E-commerce ensures that customers have a seamless shopping experience both offline and online across different devices like Mobiles, Desktops, tablets etc. According to a report by Boston Retail Partners (BRP) report, 73% of retailers, plan to a have a unified commerce platform leveraged by the end of 2019. Unified e-commerce brings focuses on the customer’s experience with a single commerce method. With this, business dealers make sure that a single set of data is available to the customers, from any time and anywhere.

The factors to be focused on to create a unified e-commerce platform are:

  1. Mobile Apps
  2. Website
  3. Commerce Platform
  4. CMS

Let’s see how a unified e-commerce experience would look like to an individual, say Glenda.

She is walking her way to the bus stop from office when she remembers something she needs to purchase. She takes out her phone and opens your e-commerce store app and adds a few items to her cart. In the meantime, her bus arrives and she exits from your app without completing her purchase. Few hours from then, while she is browsing on her laptop, she starts seeing retargeted ads for the items she has left on her cart. She opens another tab to visit your e-commerce site where she is already logged in. She then completes the purchase on the web. Next morning, she gets a notification from your app saying the product has been dispatched and how she can track it.

In a parallel universe, you as a vendor receive your shipment for new products which have to be showcased on your website as well as the app. You have a unified e-commerce platform for both your site & app which is supported by the same CMS. Hence, you need to upload the data just once for Glenda to make a new purchase next time. 

So, always make sure that you integrate all the different moving components together. This will help your customer to have a satisfying and unified experience while shopping.

This is exactly what Oorjit does for your business. We provide you with a unified e-commerce platform that gives flexibility to your business and helps in unifying data across platforms. Want to know more on how we can help to boost your business? Drop in your queries here.