Ditch Google – 5 Bullet-proof Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Website Traffic

You have an amazing e-commerce store.

You have products that could sell like hotcakes if only more people found them.

Google’s sending some traffic your way. But, it’s not enough.

In order to succeed in the e-commerce world, you need a massive amount of traffic. A huge number of hits every single day. And you can’t depend solely on Google for that. You need to do more. Market your e-commerce store on various other platforms and channels. Explore more digital marketing avenues and find more of your target audience.

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Here are five ways you can increase your e-commerce website traffic 10x without being solely on Google’s mercy.

Embrace Pinterest

60% Pinterest users shopped online in 2014, according to Pinterest.

Pinterest has evolved from being a trivial visual platform to a powerful marketing tool that propels substantial traffic. E-commerce platforms can amplify their traffic by making use of this platform. Integrating social sharing buttons on your e-commerce website will allow you to promote your products on Pinterest without extra effort.


So, how can you use this platform effectively to drive traffic towards your website?

  • Create beautiful visuals related to your niche and pin them. Turn stats, quotes, tips, etc. into great looking visuals with the right tools. If you’re into DIY, use Canva and PicMonkey to create visually pleasing images. These tools are not only easy to use but also free.
  • Use the right hashtags. Search for hashtags in your niche and add them to your picture caption. Whenever internet users search for a keyword you’ve used, your pin will pop up prompting them to click on it.
  • Use Pingroupie to find relevant Pin groups to promote your pins in.
  • Create multiple boards. One for your products, one for blog posts, one for behind the scenes taking place in your virtual office, one for introducing team members, one for tutorials, and so on. Be creative. Be authentic.
  • Add price tags to your product pins. Pinterest pins that include prices receive 36% more likes than those without.
  • Cross promote your pins on different social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, etc – to expand your reach.

Before choosing an eCommerce platform, make sure they support social integration and have features that will allow you to seamlessly incorporate social media networks on your website.

Conduct a social media giveaway or contest

Social media is not just for stalking your ex or getting nostalgic while looking at your prom pictures. It can serve as a lethal marketing tool if you use it correctly. One of the best ways of utilizing these platforms and getting the most out of them is by conducting giveaways.


Because everybody loves a freebie.

A giveaway serves multiple purposes – from increasing traffic to your website, getting you more likes and shares on social media, to increase your visibility online, and even increasing your email list.

Use these tips to kick-start your giveaway campaign.

  • Conduct market research to figure out what kind of freebie your audience will love. For example, you can use one of your most popular products or a gift card.
  • Decide on your giveaway goal or KPI – Key Performance Indicator. What’s your purpose in conducting a giveaway? More popularity and increase visibility on social media? Increase traffic to your website? Get more email subscribers?
  • Use your blog as your giveaway landing page. Why? Because it is,
    • Cost-effective
    • Has social media sharing buttons built-in
    • Has a comment section which prompts engagement.
  • Promote it on social media platforms. Tweet, share a link on Facebook, share images on Instagram, Pinterest, blog about it, etc.

Product Reviews

Google has answers to everything. From unearthing the latest research in microbiology to discovering leading e-commerce building platforms, Google will fetch a million hits in a couple of seconds for you.

In the online retail industry, this has encouraged users to read product reviews before venturing out to buy it. Product reviews can make or break a brand quite easily. Words are no longer mere words; they’re marketing weapons – lethal and deadly. As an e-commerce business, you can quadruple your website traffic and convert them into loyal customers through the power of product reviews.

Here’s how.

  • Contact bloggers with decent blog traffic in your niche and ask them to write product reviews for your brand. You can send them your products free of cost, and in exchange ask them to write an honest product review. Once they publish that review, you can shamelessly promote it on your social media profiles.
  • Send free products to influencers in your niche.
  • Contact podcasters, YouTubers, etc. to appear as a guest in their shows. You can mention your website in the bio\description section and send curious fans towards your website. You can send them your products and ask them to do a live product review, too.

Remember, buying product positive product review is unethical and buyers can smell a bribed review from far away, so don’t attempt that. Instead, ask bloggers to write a genuine product review.

Comparison Marketing

Ever heard of Bing Shopping, The Find, Price Grabber, Shopzilla, etc?

Famous in the digital sphere as comparison websites, these shopping portals compare different prices of similar products nudging users to purchase ones that offer the lowest cost.


Comparison websites are a goldmine for visitors and retailers, alike. Comparison websites are hugely popular with users as they help them find similar products, compare services and prices, and eventually go with the ones they like best. Users get to view everything under one virtual roof, and retailers get a steady stream of interested potential customers on their website.

As an e-commerce business, the chances of directing traffic from these sites to your website are immense. Online shoppers arriving at these comparison websites have made up their mind to shop and just need the right deal to hit the purchase button.

And, all you need to do to advertise on these websites is provide your product feed\description and watch the magic happen.

Flash Sales


Black Friday sales? Christmas sales? Diwali sales, New Year sales, Eid sales?

Ever heard of these? Of course, you have.

Flash sales have always held a special place in the hearts of consumers. Why? Because who can resist a bargain.

Conducting flash sales on your e-commerce website is an excellent way to increase traffic. Most retail websites see an upsurge in their traffic levels when they conduct flash sales. However, ‘build it and they will come’ doesn’t hold true for this tactic either. You can’t decide to conduct a flash sale and go to sleep thinking your traffic levels will go crazy. Nope. You need to market your flash sale as effectively as you market your other services, and then watch as traffic levels burst through the roof.

Take Case-Mate, for example. The first flash sale conducted by Case-Mate, premium smartphone cases designer and retailer, showed awe-inspiring results. Compared to their average metrics, their flash sale resulted in,

–   51% increase in traffic
–   50% increase in conversion rate
–   236% increase in revenue

We saw revenue, traffic and all the conversion metrics we measure go up, which was really exciting to see.

– Ruth DeFeo, Email Marketing Manager, Case-Mate