An Ecommerce Guide to Boost Valentine’s Day Revenues Of Online Stores.


Valentine’s Day is round the corner and it’s a good to time to shop for your loved ones. In fact the Valentine’s season shopping is so huge that it is the second biggest shopping season in the e-commerce calendar after the Christmas holiday season. Though purchases are generally perceived to be as gifts, there’s no stopping the customer from what they purchase for their loved ones. Hence these gifts can range from flowers, greeting cards, apparels, smartphones & electronics to costly jewelry.

Ecommerce stores around the globe have been gearing up to valentine’s season with a strategy and assortment of products.  We have listed down the major factors that can help you win BIG this valentine’s day (Other than your date)

Themes & Design

The color of cupid, the color of love is the preferred theme for Valentine’s Day shopping. Go the extra mile in creating subtle design elements and animations in banners, widgets etc. to keep your online store interesting for your customers. Of course this can be ensured only if the e-commerce platform that powers your store has room for design customization. Most platforms these days do provide ample design customization options including creating of specially designed pages for Valentine’s Day product catalog and product offers.

Gifting options

The bulk of E-commerce shopping on valentines is for gifts. Gifts can range from greeting cards, candies, clothing, flowers, jewelry etc. if you do not have any of these in your product catalog ensure that you either add it as special products during the valentine’s season or provide these as bundled gifts with any purchases the customer makes. Bundled & Combo offers are today a standard features in most leading e-commerce platforms.

Bundling your products with valentines gifts attached to your product assortment ensures that every customer receives assured gifts while making purchases from your online store. To add an element of curiosity you can bundle surprise gifts to products. The customer would be delighted when the product is delivered with a surprise gift.

You can also customize your gifts by providing valentine gift wraps, valentine’s greeting cards etc. This leaves a lasting impression on your customers regarding your brand.

Rewards & Benefits

Your shoppers would be delighted be rewarded for the purchases that they make during the valentine shopping season. Ideally e-commerce stores should be capable of providing rewards to customers as reward points, cash back points or wallet points that can be redeemed on accumulation to certain levels. The reward system can also be used to identify & segment your customers to regular shoppers, occasional shoppers, once in a while shoppers etc., and push relevant offers for their loyalty or to bring them back to your online store.

Give away

Give always are another strategy that can be adopted by e-commerce stores during the valentine’s season. Provide exciting & relevant giveaway’s such as valentine related goodie, flowers, clothing etc. You can also send out gift hampers to your loyal customers. Such small measures create great delight and a positive brand perception in the minds of your consumers.


One Day Delivery

Customers love to delight their loved ones with surprises on Valentine’s Day or such other special occasions. Promising faster delivery options such as assured one day delivery or same day delivery to customers will ensure that their surprises remain a secret until the products are delivered at the door step. By creating delivery zones and partnering with local logistic providers you can ensure same day delivery of your products to your customers.

Greeting Emails

Never to be missed out is the Valentine’s Day greeting email that should be sent out to everyone in your email database. You can categorize your email contacts into different segments and sent out custom mailers to each segment with relevant offers tailor made to that segment. Scheduling these emails is also important to ensure that your email is open and has a good open rate. The content and layout of your email should also be well structured to ensure better click through rates. Today’s e-commerce platform’s such as Oorjit provides comprehensive email marketing capabilities as well as allows you to integrate with third party email providers to enhance your email marketing campaigns.


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Create Special Coupons

Like it or not coupons are a high impact marketing collateral that pulls customers to your online stores. It would be an excellent idea to create special Valentine’s Day coupons to your customers. These coupons can be distributed to your customer’s through emails, social channels, mobile notifications or SMS.

Social promotions

Social media is a major online channel where 90% of Valentine’s Day related conversations occur. Hence it is most important for an e-commerce store to be actively involved in social media promotions.  Promotions in social media can include promotion of your product catalog, sharing of gift cards and valentine’s coupons to your dear and loved one’s through Facebook, twitter etc. initiating such a promotional strategy can have a domino or viral effect as such conversations are easily multiplied manifold and reaches a wider audience in a short time. To do this effectively make sure that your online stores have social sharing capabilities and invite your customer’s to share their purchases, gifts etc. through social media channels.

The recommendations & ideas mentioned above are some subtle trends that we have analysed over the years for online purchases made during Valentine’s Day e-commerce shopping. Some of these are relevant for most other special day shopping occasions or festival shopping seasons. So if you are lacking in any of these capabilities make sure that you do have these at least before the next shopping season. We can help you in designing the best e-commerce store for your business with all the relevant features needed to boost your Valentine’s Day or special occasion sales. If you do have any other novel ideas to execute during the special shopping seasons and need technology help or consultations do let us know.