Fixing bounce rate of your daily deal site

Bounce rate (noun) –

The percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.


Bounce rate is used to measure the effectiveness of your daily deal site in encouraging site visitors to continue browsing your site. It is used to monitor your web traffic. You can determine the effectiveness of a page in your daily deal site in engaging visitors and generating interest. If bounce rate is high, it is an indication that the site is not performing well in attracting the interest of visitors. If low, it indicates that the page is doing well in keeping visitors interested. On an average, 50% bounce rate acceptable. Bounce rate measure directly reflects on your daily deal site’s business objective. However, there are certain cases where high bounce rate need not be equated with poor performance. Sometimes certain pages can provide enough information to the visitor to make a decision to avail your product or service. In pages related to purchases, bounce rate can be used to analyse why a purchase wasn’t made. By lowering bounce rate, you can improve your conversion rate.

Bounce rates can be lowered by many methods. There is no steadfast, tried-and-tested rule to lower them. You have to see what works for your daily deal site and implement the measures most suited to your business.

Avoiding pop-ups that can disrupt navigational experience is a good way to get started. Visitors hate being led astray due to inefficient navigation that can be caused due to poor design of your webpage. By incorporating heatmaps you can identify what the user is trying to find out. Attractive design can lead to visitors spending more time browsing your website. The website should be quick to load and also mobile friendly, as the number of mobile users are increasing by the day. Segmented information – grouping content into categories can help the visitor to process the information he needs quickly. The website should be optimized to address the needs of the visitor and kept simple without too many links that may lead to a bounce. Placement of ads have to be carefully managed to avoid spoiling the browsing experience. Break down long content to help users to comprehend the information with little effort.

These are few of the suggestions our resident experts have suggested to help your daily deal site to reduce bounce rate. However, it is better to not limit yourself to these ideas. It is better to keep track of your customers and be aware of the changing dynamics of the impact of your business to help you to overcome such issues and improve conversion.