Getting your customers to talk positively about your bank

According to the latest survey in Retail Banking by Gallup, most of your customers are talking about your bank. In fact, 72% of respondents reported talking to others about their primary bank over the last three months. They have been using various channels in the past but now it’s primarily Social Media.

The banks have been constantly building their loyal customers through fans, followers etc. but you have to realize that it takes less than a second for your customer to like or follow your page. To ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ merely means your customer is ready to engage with you. Your job does not end there, you will have to evaluate whether your customers are speaking positively about you. Banking innovation has provided various social listening tools which will help you get an answer for this. Still, the question remains. How do you start getting your customers to talk positively about you and become an advertising channel for your bank?

Click on the image below to find a few engagement strategies which banks have successfully implemented which compelled their customers to speak highly of them.