How to become a unique daily deal platform

Thousands of daily deal websites are functioning in the E-Trade world, catering to shoppers around the world. They help the shoppers save some money while providing the merchants’ easy access to a very wide user group and a lot of valuable data. The competition is quite stiff & and these websites are easily prone to duplication. This said it is also good to note that even if two sites look the same, customers would always choose those sites that are unique & attractive while being efficient and easy to access. They also look for sites that offer them something different and keeps them engaged. So how can a daily deal website be made unique? How do you get your website to stand out among other daily deal websites? Here is a checklist to help you!

Malleable Framework

With new trends like a transformation of group buying sites to niche product deal sites, deal industry is changing constantly. To stay ahead, it is necessary that the deal platforms be adaptable and scalable to any change in the market. A malleable framework will help dodge challenges in the industry.

User Base Building Tools

Merchants run deals to increase their exposure and revenue using the user base of a deal website. Crowdsourcing tools, social media engagement, and other such customer engagement tools will help build quality user base at least cost, attracting more merchants.

E-commerce Marketplace Adaptability

Daily deal websites can easily gain a wide user-base, which and once this is achieved, the next step will be to transform into an e-commerce platform or muti vendor e-commerce platform. Hence it is important to have a daily deal solution that is e-commerce adaptable. An e-commerce ready platform featured with options with multiple configurations and customizable options will ensure that the portal has the best of both worlds.


Personalization is the key to winning repeat sales. Customers now expect the deal sites to know them better after every interaction. Technology makes it possible to predict customer preferences & behaviour through productive analytics based on demography, geography, search & purchase history, etc. This will help in cross-selling deals and sending personalized promotions.

Faster Deployment

With thousands of daily deal websites mushrooming almost on a daily basis, deployment is the crucial factor that can make it or break it for merchants. The promptness & swiftness of deployment, ease of integration with an existing system, etc not only give the website a competitive edge but also help the website stay in the race.

Customer Exit Barriers

Easy duplication is the biggest challenge daily deal websites face. The key to overcoming this is keeping the website as unique as possible. This can be achieved through a number of ways but the most popular is the loyalty programs that each site offer. Tools that make customer retention easier, like dedicated loyalty management tools, referral tools, social media integration tools, etc have proven to be efficient customer exit barriers.

Empower Merchants

In a daily deal, merchants are the real customers. If they don’t get enough revenue from the whole activity, deals may cease. Hence merchants also need to be empowered with options that aid in deal management, promotions, advanced business intelligence tools, POS management, etc that will help them earn high revenue.


Most daily deal sites die out when they fail to adapt to the evolving trends and technology. In such cases, rather than shutting down the website as such, merchants can opt to move on to a different platform. For this, it is necessary that daily deal websites offer scalability along with seamless & easy migratability to achieve a smooth shift. This will go a long way in winning existing daily deal site users.

Launch Campaign Tools

Moving on from free samples, businesses have turned towards deal websites to launch new products. They are being considered an ideal platform due to their viral reach, wide user base new product launches. Deal platforms have become the ideal spot to draw customers to a new business or product. A portal that offers attractive features like flash banners, creative marketing campaigns, etc will definitely help in launching new products.

Industrial Expertise

Another key feature required to run a successful, unique daily deal website is Industrial Expertise. Daily Deal sites require little in the beginning but to survive in the long run, industrial expertise & know-how are absolute necessities. The world of trade is ever-evolving and trends can change any instant. Foreseeing challenges, formulating unique business tactics, enhancing customer engagement etc are the necessary tricks in this industry and these can only be mastered with experience. Oorjit Daily Deal Solution has an experience of 10+ years in the industry and has catered to over 350 clients around the globe. Look no further if you are looking to make your own daily deal platform.

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