How to Handle Customer Service Rush This Holiday Season

With the biggest revenue quarter just around the corner, all retailers are preparing to put their best foot forward. Products are well stocked, irresistible offers are ready to tempt the shoppers, unique and special holiday-themed presentations are displayed both in e-commerce platform as well as offline stores. But often, the one element everyone forgets or overlooks – which is in fact the most crucial – is customer service. Customer service during peak seasons is often disappointing due to the following reasons:


  1. Temporary employees are appointed to handle the influx of customers and not given a proper briefing about your store
  2. No proper training is given to associates to handle the crowd
  3. Associates have too many tasks to finish so they do not listen properly to the customers
  4. Not enough associates are available to assist the customers; this increases the waiting time for the customers
  5. Lack of knowledge on the part of employees often leads to incorrect/improper information being given to customers. This creates an irate customer.


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These reasons look like they are easy to solve, but unless they are actually addresses and remedied, it may backfire on all your e-commerce portal plans and preparations for the season. We give you a quick list of things for you to refer so that you can deliver a customer-oriented customer service. As it has always been said, “Customer is King”. Not only is the welfare of your business dependent upon the King’s satisfaction, but it would also do you good to remember that this King always reigns.


  • Create advocates from complainers by offering immediate solutions to customer grievances.
  • Empower your associates with adequate decision-making authority
  • Have a good relationship with your suppliers – they nurture your relationship with your customers
  • Hire quality employees right from the beginning. Train your in-house staff so that rather than temporary last-minute hires, you can rely on your own people to maintain your company’s standard and reputation. Invest in good training agents for the same.
  • Customize your service to suit your customers’ needs. This turns first-time shoppers into loyal customers & loyal customers into advocates of your company.
  • Put on your sincerest tone when talking to customers. Your words and assurances shouldn’t sound fake. An earnest sounding apology can immediately calm down an irate customer. Arguing with the customer, on the other hand, will only aggravate them further.
  • Listen to your customers without interrupting them. Most of the time, the issue can be resolved as soon as you identify the problem.
  • When you know that the customers’ complaint is genuine, take ownership and admit your mistake with a well-placed apology. Most customers’ calm down when they know that they are in the right. Owning your mistake and showing the willingness to rectify the same is all that it takes to avoid ruining any relationship.
  • Train your associates and educate them with relevant and accurate information so that they feel confident giving answers to customers.


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