How to increase your sales during Online Holiday shopping 2014 – Part 2

As you have read in part 1 of this blog there are several promotional methods that you can apply to increase sales this holiday season. Even though promotions will help you bring potential traffic, in order to complete the sales process you need to optimise your e-commerce portal and the whole system to make the most of the traffic thus generated. The following points cover some important aspects you have to consider in order to increase the efficiency of sales conversion cycle.

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 1.       Visuals

Effective video reviews and quality images have the ability to increase sales conversions. Provide attractive images which can be zoomed in and out so that your customers don’t need to visit an offline store to see the actual product. Also check for broken image or video links and correct them before it damages your prospective sale.

 2.       Inventory

Stocking the right products at the right time is also crucial to increase your holiday sales. First, you need to have an account of your entire stock. Once that is done, evaluate past and present trends to predict products and stock according to the trend. You may also want to re-configure your minimum-stock-level alerts in your e-commerce platform so that you know well in advance before a product runs out of stock. There is nothing worse than an ‘Out-of-Stock’ notification for a product which is high in demand.

 3.       Shipping

Courier companies may also be looking forward to make the most of the season by providing special offers. Enquire about such details before finalizing your shipping strategy. It will be wise to make sure that your customers are notified about the last day to submit an order in order to get their products delivered on time. Ensure that you explicitly state the shipping cost before they click the final “Checkout” button. Surprise shipping charges are the #1 reason for abandoned shopping carts during the holidays.

 4.       Searchandising

Optimise your search to ensure that the keywords of products most shopped during holidays come first in search recommendations.  Based on common typos, configure your search filters to include the most probable products to redirect customers to correct products. Reduce dead ends by directing customers to an exclusive holiday gifts page in case there are no search results.

 5.       Support

Prompt and efficient customer support is one of the most important factors in customer satisfaction. Spread the joy of the season by greeting them cheerfully and end the call wishing them the best for these holidays. Hire enough resources to handle the rush and reduce wait times. Educate all customer care personnel about the offers and policies you have implemented for the seasonal sale. Never let quality be compromised because of the rush, and ensure to deliver a consistent and well-organized experience to your customers.


We wish you a successful holiday sales for 2014!