Improve Your Online Business In 2018 With These Top Ecommerce Trends


E-commerce websites are evolving each year by adapting new trends and latest technologies to enrich the online shopping experience. While e-commerce stores are a global platform engaging shoppers worldwide, they have to implement compelling new trends that disrupt the online retailing industry.

There is plenty for the online shoppers to be excited about in 2018 as they plan for an endless shopping spree this New Year. E-commerce is fast evolving and is already acclaimed as a fast and more convenient mode of shopping. In the impending years, e-commerce is set to dominate retailing and dictate success.

Here are some powerful e-commerce trends that improve the shopping experience of online shoppers.

  • Faster delivery with quick replacement

Quick delivery is now becoming the most incredible feature of online shopping. Online shoppers do not want wait for their products to be delivered instead they need to receive the products as quickly as possible, even within 24 hours. This feature increases the convenience of online shopping. Quick replacement option should also be provided for the shoppers to replace the products if they are not satisfied with it. Introduction of delivery zone warehouses enables both quick delivery and replacement also. Capabilities of dedicated local e-commerce logistic providers & local merchants can be leveraged to facilitate quick delivery of products. This partnership also helps in quick replacement of products.

  • Introduction of smart chatbot service

In 2018, Chatbots are set to revolutionize the online shopping experience. Adding Chatbots to the eCommerce website helps automate the interactions with the customer, analyse his requirements better and finds the product that fulfils his needs. Online shoppers can chat, send messages on their product preferences with the chatbot and they are offered the exact products. Chatbot also helps to connect directly with the customers and personalize the interactions.


  • Smarter and personalized customer experience

 E-commerce stores are vying with each other to personalize the shopping experience of the customers. It is a great idea to track the shopping history of the customers and provide them personalized product recommendations. Using customer analytics track the purchasing history of frequent shoppers and personalize their customer experience. Provide customers personalized home pages that offer them discounts on products they expressed interest in. Also, include geo-recommendations on products. This includes providing customers products that are preferred by buyers in any location. Personalizing can include sending special emails on the customer’s birthday with gift vouchers or sending discount vouchers on products that the customer expressed interest earlier. Thus, personalization is an effective way to build a relationship with customers online.

  • Digital transformations such as AR

Augmented Reality applications are great to apply in your e-commerce websites. Top brands such as Lenskart introduced a small app that allows you to try out spectacle frames on your face and change it in real time. This helps you to easily find out the frame that suits you the best.

Amazon also introduced an augmented reality device called Echo Look that allows trying on different styles and choosing the product. Such technology can develop the interests of customers in deciding and purchasing high-end products.


  • Introducing  product customization

Product customization involves preparing regular products to suit any occasion and customers are sure to buy them. Customized products can be introduced online during special occasions, festivals or for customer-centric preferences. For example, on Christmas, they can launch printed mobile covers, pouches, mugs and T-shirts with Yule images, designs and more. Festive shoppers are sure to spot them and add them to their cart. During festivals such as Diwali and Navratri, Eid and other festivals, many online stores introduce stunning custom design traditional accessories that can complement the ethnic outfits and are specific to the occasion. Introducing customized products such as mugs, T-shirts, stationery, water bottles for 2018 in online stores is also a great idea to generate traffic.


  • Inclusion of video contents for its instant recall

There is no smarter way to market products than present its video to the customers. The visuals of the products provide the customers its real features. They can view the products before purchase and understand its many features. With the introduction of videos, retailers are realising how effectively products can be introduced to a wider target audience. Videos showcase many useful features of the product & help customers to understand the products better, thereby helping them arrive at an informed decision for their purchases.

  • Provide customer loyalty program to retain customers.

Successful eCommerce websites have innovative customer loyalty programs to capture the interests of new shoppers. Futuristic loyalty programs such as providing rewards and gifts on purchases can win over customers. It is also a smart idea to provide lucrative discounts to frequent shoppers. Personalized discounts and offers can easily win over customers and turn them loyal. Online stores should focus on presenting a catalogue of attractive products to win over customers in the New Year, 2018.


  • Try & Buy option for apparels

Leading ecommerce stores such as Myntra are offering Try and Buy options for their apparels. This allows the online shoppers to actually try out apparels and ensure that the size they ordered fits them. Shoppers can order 2-3 sizes and have it delivered to their doorstep. Then, they can try it and choose the sizes they prefer. Discounts can be offered on the purchase of up to 3 products.

  • Improve mobile purchase experience

The crowd of mobile users are multiplying each year and the numbers of online shoppers are steadily increasing. E-commerce websites should be optimized for mobile commerce. Improving the mobile purchase experience can direct higher traffic to the online stores. It is important that your site loads fast on the smart mobile devices. Shoppers should be able to purchase freely without complex processes from any mobile device. Mobile commerce already constitutes a large portion of the e-commerce revenue, and in the year 2018, it is sure to contribute to the highest fraction of e-commerce.

Hence rush ahead and ensure that you adapt to the latest trends and new technologies to mark the success of your e-commerce stores in 2018.