Market your Coupons effectively

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer

Digital coupons have been carving their niche in the market ever since the boom of the internet. Smartphones have penetrated the e-commerce market and are increasing the traffic to deal sites. This has opened a door to many possibilities of innovative methods to market coupons to shoppers using coupon platforms. New e-commerce businesses might need to take advantage of this to gain a head start over their rivals. By offering customers a chance to save their money while getting quality service is bound to have a positive impact on your business. To leverage maximum benefits out of coupons as an e-commerce merchant, it is important to understand the demands of the customer. Try to create an effective and appealing marketing strategy to promote coupons. We have a few tips for you.

E-mail integration

Emails are a quick and easy method by which you can update your customers who have subscribed, about the different offers and deals that you are looking to sell.    Embedded links can direct them to your website, and increase traffic and sales. Digital Coupons can also be sold through the emails, with unique identification codes, bar-codes that can be read by a POS (point-of-sale) system. You can help the customer to avoid the hassle of taking a printout to avail the coupon.

Visual Aesthetics

Content is important in capturing the attention of the viewer. Aesthetically designed coupons must be able to garner attention as well as be informative. Packaging information in a limited space, which involves designs, logos and text is by no means an easy task and it is worth the effort to invest in a content specialist or designer. Bright, colourful and visually appealing designs can arouse curiosity.

Location-based tracking

This can be used to locate and track coupons and customers, increase engagement and deliver coupons to mobile users. Locations, offers, promotions can be sent as notifications. However, they can be a nuisance to customers, to provide users with the option to de-activate such intrusive notifications.

Distribution Partner

Identify businesses whose existing customer base can be targeted to promote your coupons. The partner websites can deliver your digital coupons to their customers, and increase their engagement with your website.

Text Messages and Push Notifications

Text content in SMSes sent to customers must be kept to a minimum. Customer engagement that leads to buyer behaviour has to be inculcated by encouraging responses to the text messages. Exclusivity has to be promoted amongst customers to make them feel special, by promoting exclusive offers available only to customers who respond to them and the like. Similar to push notifications, the customer must be allowed to unsubscribe if he feels it is becoming a nuisance.

Encourage sharing

With social media platforms having a big impact in shaping and trending consumer choices, it is unwise to ignore the potential for marketing avenues imbued in them. Encourage the customer who has purchased a coupon to share the deal within his social circle. Embed a code in the coupon so that tracking subsequent orders can be identified to a customer who might have shared the deal. This can be used to offer deals promoting loyalty and reward programs.


What you can’t measure, you can’t improve. “

Measure effort with results. As a deal expires, examine the performance of the deal in terms of sales, exposure, enquiries, and customer satisfaction using the analytics on the coupon platform. This can then be used as a benchmark to measure performance and to compare past and future campaigns. Coupons can be used to track data regarding volume of sales and a lot of other parameters that can be used for data analysis. With this knowledge in hand, it is much easier to come to a position where decisions can be made correctly to affect the success of the business.


Digital Media Marketing and e-commerce are relatively new and growing and hence there are no tried and tested methods that are applicable to every business alike. It is important to see which methods give best results and keep improving them constantly and move ahead with the latest trends in the business. This would encourage engagement and maintain a steady growth.