Marketing your Ecommerce Site with Coupons & Deals

Coupon and Deals

Planning to set up an online store or already have one? In both cases, you need better customer interaction. What better way to market your business than with coupons and deals that urge the shopper to keep shopping! Not only do they attract customer engagement, coupons are one of the major drivers of multi-fold sales when triggered the right way. Online deals and coupons bring back those dormant customers who have been idle for a while to shop for more. After all, who doesn’t like saving money!

Here are some ways through which you can market your business and generate 10X customer engagement:

Set up a Coupon Sign Up on your E-commerce Site

By setting this up, you can make sure that anyone who leaves their email address with you gets notified every time there is a promotion. A good rate of coupons that are offered through emails and texts are likely to be used by customers. Get customers to your email and text list, just to get them the access to the coupon codes. This not only helps scale your revenue but also helps you reach a bigger audience. Keep your list long and current as possible!

Bring “Dead” Customers back to Life through Tempting Offers

You have an online store and you have customers who sign-up, purchase once and never come back. Offering exciting deals and coupons is a great tactic to bring them back to your store. Push targeted ads or send personalised emails to customers to win them back as they return to your site. Though coupons and deals play a major role during certain seasons, you will see major conversions that are made through other strategies at other times of the year.

Offer Rewards to Loyal Customers

Your current customer is the best asset your store has and you do not want them leaving your store for one of your competitors. Offering increased loyalty points for each purchase they make is a great way to win their loyalty. These loyalty points can be redeemed during a purchase in the future. This offer not only makes them come back for more but also makes them feel, better connected to your brand.

Target New Customers with Reward Points

Customers are always looking for discounts/offers on their purchases. Reward points are a great way to lure in casual shoppers who are yet to enter the shopping cycle. A first purchase reward point for the new customer has been a tried and tested way to mass onboard customers with very low cost-per-acquisition.

Offer Limited Period Discounts and Offers

Always put an expiration date for the coupons and deals you offer. This gives exclusivity to your offer which cannot be neglected. A brand with a limited-time offer brings more value to your brand and urges customers to make the purchase right away. Tactics people 😉

Market your Coupons through Coupon Websites

Go an extra mile and put in your coupons on websites that are likely to be looked up by customers. Discount-hungry shoppers are most likely to start their shopping on these sites and then narrow them down based on the discounts listed.

In this digital world, where things are constantly changing, it is always best to be on top of your game every time. Understand your market; see what is best for it, apply them moving forward and you would hear your cash register going cha-ching in no time!