Migrating from Nimble Commerce to Oorjit Deals

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YallaBanana, a leading deal & coupon platform in UAE was finding it tough to move ahead in a highly competitive shopping market. To top it, their vendor decided to shut down leaving Omar, the CEO of YallaBanana with no option but to scout for other e-commerce vendors.

It is during this endeavor, Oorjit appeared as a “light at the end of the tunnel” to Omar and helped YallaBanana rise back by utilizing Oorjit’s e-commerce capabilities in creating powerful deal websites.

So how did Oorjit help YallaBanana? Let’s find out:

YallaBanana wanted to make sure that all of their data was migrated to Oorjit in an efficient way without data loss. Data migration in itself being a tedious task, was even bigger when it came to YallaBanana. Why? For they were one of the biggest deal sites in the UAE.

What did that mean?

Oorjit had to ensure that a vast amount of data including 250,000 users, 600,000 order history, 1300+ merchants, 300+ deals, 1000+ past deals and other similar data was transitioned from Yallabanana to Oorjit. Furthermore, this had to be done without making changes to their existing brand identity or link structure.

We provided tailor-made solutions for the client that ensured the satisfaction of both the client and their customers. With the below features, our team built a sustainable website that would boost the sales of YallaBanana right up:

Daily Deal Platform

The new website was built on Oorjit’s Daily Deal platform which acted as the base pillar. Furthermore, it could adapt to the changing trends in the market. This helped the client’s business stay on top of their game.

End To End Data Migration

Relying on Oorjit’s bulk upload modules & data import capabilities for users, we were able to provide an easy, safe and secure migration of all critical data with 0 % data loss and 100% data transfer to Oorjit.

Retained Brand Identity And Existing Design

By replicating user experiences with design templates similar to its existing website, we ensured that YallaBanana’s brand identity remained flawless among its loyal customers, thus giving them the best experiences.

Retain Existing Link Structure

Considering the convenience for recurring consumers, all existing link structures were also replicated in the new portal.

With all the parts coming together, YallaBanana was back in action and the CEO, Omar Chammaa has never been happier. “The company helped me migrate my website from Nimble to their Oorjit platform swiftly and without any difficulties. I am impressed with their fast-paced delivery and the final outcome of my new website”, he said.

Want to know how well the company is working? Let’s check it out!

  • With Oorjit Local, YallaBanana can now provide localized Product Deals, Service deals & offers.
  • By enabling a white-labeled solution, Oorjit was able to provide YallaBanana its own unique brand identity.
  • With an all-new avatar of YallaBanana taking over, we made it possible for customers to have better experiences on the same interface.

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