How to Prevent Online Shopping Cart Abandonment

How to Prevent Online Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems online businesses face nowadays. According to a recent survey, 77% of online orders were abandoned instead of purchasing. Though it is something that cannot be prevented fully, to lower the rates of cart abandonment is definitely not impossible.

Cart Abandonment Rates


Shoppers need a reason to stay and in the end make a purchase. How do we make sure they do? For this we need to see what the root of cause is.

The main source of the problem would be checkout pages where customers get to see the whole cart and they make their purchase decisions. To engage shoppers who plan to leave your site, give them exit offers which will help you to target those who abandon their cart and hit them with amazing incentives.

Here are some other effective ways through which you can avoid cart abandonment:

Simplify Registration using Federated Account

One of the biggest turnoffs in many checkout processes is the fact that customers need to do compulsory registration on the site to make a purchase. To make life easier for potential customers, allow registration through federated accounts like Google Accounts, Facebook etc.  

Offer Free Shipping

Most shoppers love it when they see that a shopping site offers free shipping. This encourages them to make a purchase on your site. If your site offers free shipping, it is guaranteed that you can make conversions.

Offer Guarantees & Refunds

A huge percent of shoppers abandon their purchase due to high costs. Offer a price guarantee to your customers and they will gain confidence that they have found the best deal on your site and find no reason in comparing costs. Shoppers also feel secure if your site has a clear refund policy.

Provide Variety of Payment Options

With the number of payment providers and gateways increasing day by day, higher are the number of payment methods used. So while starting a business online, always make sure that you offer customer with a variety of payment choices. This will help you gain returning customers since the wide variety of payment methods satisfy them and make them come back for more.

With these tips off your checklist, you’re all set to kick off your business with a bang! Want to read know the main reasons behind shopping cart abandonment? Read this post.