7 Essential Approaches to Boost Your E-commerce Website Traffic


E-commerce has made a great influence on the way how consumers evaluate and purchase products as they look for better ways to get more benefits. E-commerce stores fulfil this requirement of a consumer. Instead of wandering and waiting in long queues now with a few clicks they can order and get the products delivered to their doorstep as per their convenience!! As consumers are getting more inclined to online shopping, after 10 years we may not find any brick and mortar stores! Keeping this fact in mind big businesses & SMEs have focused on building creative digital strategies for gaining consumer satisfaction. In such a scenario, it is imperative that you have a digital strategy of your own to ensure your business is benefited by an online store. Here are some must follow tips to design your eCommerce strategy:


While choosing to shop online, visitors and new shoppers expect novelty. They look out for latest products or an innovative collection of products unfamiliar to them. Most online store owners are aware of this and are smartly introducing new products online to win loyalty. Online shoppers throng eCommerce websites for shopping gadgets, appliances and latest products unavailable in the common market. E-commerce websites should be a veritable collection of a top but different brands excelling in quality and designs.

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2.Daily Deal Campaigns

The success of the Amazon website is marking the importance of introducing deals, offers, promotions and discounts. This leading online store has become popular in attracting traffic of million shoppers each day. The online store provides liberal discounts, endless offers and daily deals campaigns to its customers.

Introducing daily deals campaign is an effective way to skyrocket traffic to the website. Even idle shoppers are eager to avail the daily deals offered by the eCommerce websites each day and plan out their purchase.  E-commerce website needs to essentially introduce daily deals campaigns to sustain competition and lead more traffic to their websites.

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3.SEO campaigns

Optimizing search engines can easily accelerate the traffic to your e-commerce websites. SEO campaigns help you to beat the competitors of your web store and improve the ranking of your website site and generate ample traffic to it. It increases the visibility of your e-commerce site and the site will show up in rankings while users search for it. Whenever shoppers use related keywords or product keywords, the site will show up facilitating them to shop any products of their choice.

4.Festive Offers And Discounts, Introductory Campaigns

Festivals are great occasions to attract traffic to your eCommerce websites. There are different festivals for different cultures religions, ethnic groups etc. This implies that it is possible to gain a market for your e-commerce websites while planning promotions during these different festivals.

Online stores are already offering liberal discounts and promotions during popular festivals such as Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Halloween etc.to gain the traffic of the festive crowd. It is a clever strategy to introduce products used in the festivals and provide festive discounts. Also introduce a large variety of products online such as latest designer wear, ethnic wear, jewelry, gift packages, footwear, accessories and more that are useful during the celebrations. Identify the most essential products used in each festival, introduce them online with offers and gain high traffic to your sites.

5.Social Media Promotions

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest can be extensively used to post ads or content rich advertisements. This can capture the interests of the large crowd of users frequenting the social media sites each day. It implies that you can introduce the eCommerce website among millions of users accessing social media sites and evoke their interests to purchase in it.



6.Introduce Brand Stores

There is no need to mention the shoppers’ love for brands. There are multiple reasons for brand loyalty such as excelling in quality, design, service etc. that appeals a brand to customers.  Introducing multiple brands online implies developing the interests of brand lovers in online shopping. While browsing for the latest designs in their favourite brands, they easily come across similar other products online. This generates plenty of traffic from brand lovers to e-commerce sites.

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7.Free and Safe Shipping

While some e-commerce websites are known for their promotions, others are known for free and safe shipping. Many shoppers are ready to pay for the product and not its shipping charges. While products may be affordable, they are reluctant to pay high shipping charges. This is mostly because the combined charges of the product and shipping charge amount to a high cost. In such situations, shoppers compare the price of products available in the market with the cost of products available online. Such comparisons can affect the interests of buyers in online shopping.

E-commerce website owners such as eBay, are introducing free shipping for most products. This has substantially increased the traffic to the e-commerce site. Visitors frequenting the site chance upon its collection of products and end up purchasing products without any shipping charges applicable.

Safe shipping is another priority of eCommerce sites. They should be able to assure the safety of products delivered to customers. This can win over the customers, especially as they confirm it safe to buy expensive products if secure delivery is a certainty.

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