The hazards of purchasing Groupon clones or daily deal scripts.

However much you might want to purchase a Groupon clone or a similar daily deal script, it would be better if you hold your decision and assess your options, especially if you are new to the ecommerce / online sales industry. Most Groupon clones or scripts are not cheap to come by and cost from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars, generally requiring onetime payment, upfront. Once they have pocketed your hard earned cash, it is not uncommon for you to face delays, lack of support and service, infrequent communication and what not.

To create a sustainable, profitable ecommerce daily deal venture requires time, effort and patience. Success does not happen overnight and you can study any market leader’s growth which can attribute to the testimony of the fact. Once you’ve paid a daily deals platform provider, full cost, upfront, there is little motivation from their part to finish the job they’ve started, and one can find oneself facing escalating costs for customization, add-ons, features, delays, support, and delivery. It could be the beginning of a rather painful process should one not be careful while entering the field.

Before deciding to enter the daily deal industry, one has to do a comprehensive and detailed study regarding not just the products in the markets, but also the solution provider. There are pretty much various successful models of platform developers in the market. Oorjit, like other leading daily deal platform providers, is totally business and customer friendly. We identify the customer’s requirements, conduct a study regarding the platform required, and provide a customized solution according to the demands of our client. We support your business right from its conception and our platform is unique in its features, serviceability and support. Instead of onetime payment, we receive half of the total estimated costs to begin the project, and receive the rest once the product goes live, or in two terms. Once the platform is launched, support is proved round the clock to help the client regarding any queries that may occur. This helps to help our customers achieve their goals and provide the platform for a sustainable business model. Through constant updating and upgrading we also provide our customers the option to expand or migrate their platforms according to the need.

We offer a free consultation as well as a free demo which can be used to study our features, just like our competitors do. You can compare and find out which platform would best suit your requirements. This is a testament to our belief in our ability, integrity and reliability which has helped us serve over 350 clients in over 30 countries.

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