The rapidly evolving Mobile Commerce

A smartphone’s descend and impact into mainstream business has been astounding and laudable. It has effectively revolutionized the manner in which businesses were being approached. Businesses are entering the growing segment of mobile commerce to capitalize and consolidate their targeted markets. Studies have shown that mobile traffic is increasing in volume, taking up a fair chunk of the overall site traffic. Traffic from mobile platforms are soon going to surpass desktop traffic. This is also supplemented by the rising number of mobile phone users by the day. Companies have started to invest time and effort into making their ecommerce platforms not merely mobile-friendly, but mobile-optimized, with this in mind.

Sales through mobile devices now account for 23% of online sales.

Converting Consumers to Customers
Prioritize providing visitors a good mobile website experience. It important to avoid losing customers. It must be constantly analyzed and bettered periodically. Using location based tracking and other features of an ecommerce portal, the shopper can be offered the right information at the right time to convert him into a buyer. This requires an effort by the retailer as well, in order to bring his wares closer to the customer.

Visits through mobile devices now stand at 34%.

Keeping up the pace
As technology advances by the day, so does the features in mobile devices. This places the onus of providing improving and creative experiences to the shoppers, on businesses. It is important to gauge the expectations of the customer and satisfying them. Ecommerce websites must be designed with the idea of being able to react to upcoming devices and technologies.  Providing consumer support, cross-platform migration, security and maintaining a balance between functionality and operability can go a long way into improving the experience of the user. There must never be a compromise of the security which every customer expects.

Improve business
As ecommerce and mobile platforms combine to expand businesses, innovative methods have to be found out to understand and get closer to customers. Different platforms have different requirements, and different expectations from the customer’s point of view. It is necessary to meet such targets to maintain that edge over competition. It is detrimental for the business to have a user visiting the website only to leave due to poor response time or the lack of data he required. Decide and implement a strategy that can aid your mobile commerce marketing tactics.

In 2013, the bounce rate is 26%.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. – Peter Drucker“