Trending Ecommerce Concepts that are Shaking the World- Part 1


You take out your car, frown at the time slipping away from you and go to a nearby store to buy a pair of shoes.

Sounds unfamiliar? Strange? A rare occurrence?

Because it is.

Welcome to the 21st century, when all everyone needs to buy anything in the world is an internet connection and a device that can get them online. The rest takes care of itself.

The digital world today is bursting at seams with e-commerce platforms, online shopping carts, and hyper-local technologies that vow to make life easier and faster. Gone are the days when people had to go to a store to buy a product. According to new data from Walker Sands, ‘76% of consumers now say they would spend more than $100 online on a product without seeing it first, up from 70% in 2013.’


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With e-commerce marketplaces constantly evolving, what new technological innovations are going to hit a home run in 2016?

1. Mobile-Only eCommerce Marketplace

With phones, tablets, and phablets taking over the digital world, it is time that e-commerce marketplaces embrace this medium wholeheartedly, as well. According to a recent e-commerce report, mobile online sales will grow up to 25%.


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Mobile-only e-commerce marketplaces let customers conduct entire transactions from their mobile devices, regardless of where they are. 2016 will see a rush in mobile-focused e-commerce marketplaces, where shopping will literally be just a touch away.

Take Shopo by SnapDeal, for example. This mobile-focused e-commerce marketplace is a haven for online shoppers where customers can chat, buy and sell. It provides customers with the ultimate mobile shopping experience; peer-to-peer chat that allows them to chat with their friends and merchants, exchange ideas, browse through images, share screens, and enjoy shopping with their friends on the go.

2. Subscription eCommerce Marketplace

Another trend on the rise is subscription e-commerce marketplace. This e-commerce model allows consumers to receive regular packages on their doorstep without placing orders repeatedly. As a business, it helps you reduce wastage of money by knowing exactly how much is required each month. Subscription e-commerce also helps businesses acquire long-term customers and cultivate relationships with them, which trumps going after one-off purchases.

Birchbox has been reigning over this e-commerce marketplace trend. It delivers a box of delicious beauty goodies to the doorstep each month, with an option of repurchasing items that strike your fancy. This is a perfect example of product-based subscription. Another great example is, NatureBox. It provides consumers with monthly white labelled products – samplers of natural snack food.

3. Niche eCommerce Marketplace

The time now calls out for focused and custom marketplaces that cater to a particular niche. Giants like Amazon and eBay may still bask in the e-commerce glory, but niche e-commerce marketplaces are quickly gaining popularity. They offer what one-place-for-all platforms aren’t offering; a fresh take on shopping for specific products and a laser focus on a particular market.

Several platforms have embraced this trend and are shaking the digital world with their success. Enter Wayfair and Warby Parker. Where Wayfair offers home goods of every conceivable type, Warby Parkers is the go-to place for glasses in every shape and size. And, why are they winning this trend? Because both these platforms provide a rich user experience with interesting features, easy navigation, and a visually appealing interface. Win-win for retailers and consumers, both.

4. Club Subscription eCommerce Marketplace

The newest hero in town, Jet, has taken the e-commerce world by storm. It has garnered a massive amount of hype by giving a new look to the club-subscription e-commerce concept. It helps retailers sell more products by allowing consumers to make smart choices that reduce seller’s costs. To persuade consumers further, it offers a 3-month no-strings-attached trial, where they can buy their hearts out and get club price savings on just about anything.

As each new day marks new technological developments, the need to stay on top of trends shaping the retail world is immense. The drive to ensure positive user experience ultimately defines these e-commerce advances. Therefore, by streamlining the course to purchase online retailers can get quite ahead in this e-commerce race.

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